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Customer Feedback

"I recently completed three hypnotherapy sessions with Sue and am very glad I made the decision to use her services. I had just started a 10 day juice fast and was really struggling with being hungry. This immediately disappeared after our first session and I completed the fast without any issues. Sue had noticed that during my initial consultation that my mood was not as upbeat as usual and she suggested that we also include some positive thinking messages in our sessions. I have noticed a significant overall improvement since working these sessions with her. I have had hypnotherapy in the past and Sue does an excellent job setting the environment and taking the necessary time to allow you to achieve the best state of relaxation to receive the optimal results. I recommend her and will use her services again." Nick - Sterling Heights, MI

"I was hypnotised by you about 9 months ago to quit smoking and it worked so well that I haven't touched another cigarette since! I'm amazed by how well this worked and I'm telling everyone to use hypnosis to successfully quit." Bill - Fenton, MI

"The flowers on this card illustrate the joy you helped me release in my heart! I had unknowingly been carrying a hurt that kept on hurting. Hypnosis provided the solution I needed to move forward." Janine - Michigan

"I came to use hypnosis to get past an event in my life. Your words have resonated with me during our session and have continued to do so. I remain thankful for what you shared with me." Jennifer - Michigan

"Sue has an uncanny ability to intuitively pick up on what's really going on. That paired with her practical work ethic makes for a very effective coaching experience. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention her sense of humor - While she knows how to get to business, she has a wonderfully whimsical sense of humor which always brightens my day!" A. Anderson - Los Angeles, CA

Coach Sue is a phenomenal life coach! She guided me to reach my inner self and reach goals that have lead me in the pathway of success. If you are ever in need of a coach Sue is the best. She is experienced in the etiquette of the coaching business.... Choose Sue. She is the person for the job of rebuilding your circumstances . Take a ride on her adventure - you will never regret it!

Michelle B. H. - Easton, MD

Working with Sue has been a pleasure. She has a light approach which makes me feel supported and relaxed. Together we have uncovered thoughts and behaviors that, when examined, just don't serve me. With Sue's gentle guidance, I am able to put them aside and move on. Her delightful sense of humor can brighten things at just the right time. Through working with her, I am much more effective and happy. E. Johnson - Stevenson Ranch, CA

Sue got to know me and understand me very quickly, she knew exactly how to pace our sessions together, and used the power of silence to great effect. She asked some simple yet profound questions and gave me the time to think clearly about my answers, addressing my goals and needs.

J. Hardwick – United Kingdom

"Sue is a natural in this field and she has been easy to develop a productive working relationship with. She uses a good balance of listening and feedback, and has solid intuition when she senses there are more issues to talk through. She has used a number of tools to help her gain a greater sense of self-awareness. Reports from students throughout training say that Sue was found to be both personal in approach and professional in delivery. She has a great ability to listen, identify the underlying issues, and to raise probing questions. She is an excellent sounding board – listening and guiding, but always allowing the client to find the right answers on his or her own. Anyone seeking a life coach will find a skilled coach in Sue." Dr. Randin Brons, Ph.D., C.M.H., M.S.L.C.

"I have worked with Sue for quite some time most notably in teaching leaders coaching skills. She is a natural coach. One of her strengths is listening to what is not being said. She is insightful, using thought provoking questions that assist her clients in discovering new insights that take them from surviving to thriving in their business and personal lives. They find balance, become more engaged and productive. I have complete trust in her abilities." Chris Sier, CPC

"I had the pleasure of working with Sue in her role of coach. Sue was eager to learn and brought much passion to her coaching. Sue also had a great ability to see opportunities to apply her coaching skills in her role as manager, in developing her people and to solve client problems while building strong business relationships! Sue exemplifies the phrase, "Coaching for Results"!" Deborah OBrien-Wojdan

"Sue is an exceptional coach. When I approached her for assistance in getting back my work/life balance, I had my doubts we would be able to resolve my issues. Sue immediately put me in control of my situation and in very short time, I started seeing results. My stress was down and I felt more in control. Over the time we have spent in partnership, I have regained much of myself and feel I am in control again. I definitely more of a balance and know it is important for me to put myself and my family first. Sue is a truly exceptional coach and an enthusiastic supporter. She holds me accountable and is truly on my side. I am very grateful to have her in my corner." Debra Ormond

"What is a Life Coach? I had no idea regarding what a life coach was until June of 2010. I was in a period in my life when I couldn't sleep, was depressed, confused, lacked confidence and in short, scared to think of tomorrow. Having worked under Sue in EDS in years past, I was used to her managing my professional life and once she explained the role of a life coach, as she intended to practice it, there was no one else that I felt comfortable enough with to have as my life coach. Over a seven week period with Sue's help, direction and coaching, I have learned to make "to-do" lists (that I actually complete); concentrate my efforts on future endeavors while recognizing past mistakes for what they are, the past; relearn to enjoy who I am and to enjoy life, in general. Working with Sue as a life coach, I came to recognize and respect her superior ability to aid in the management of all aspects of my life with as much zeal as she did my professional life.

What is a life coach? Simply put, it's Sue Paul Novotney!" Kelechi O. - Orlando, FL